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Title: Choices
Pairing: Puzzleshipping (Yuugi/Yami no Yuugi)
Genre: adventure
Rating: PG
Summary: Just before the Battle City tournament begins, Yami Yuugi faces the most important choice of his life: whether to search for his memories and possibly have to leave his friends, or keep things as they are and stay with Yuugi for the rest of his life. He chooses Yuugi.

"I'm so glad we managed to get out of that alright. It could have gone really badly," Yuugi said, apparently to no one, as he flopped down into his desk chair. It was the evening after he and his friends had gone to rescue Jounouchi; they had all gone out to dinner afterwards to celebrate their success in that endeavor.

We're not safe yet. Whoever went after Jounouchi might go after us again, and I can't guarantee that their methods won't be more effective this time, the other Yuugi said in reply.

"Wasn't his name Marik? And I know that. But this should give us a little extra time, at least," Yuugi said, feeling a little annoyed that his other self didn't seem to think he understood. He knew he shouldn't really be speaking out loud to the other Yuugi—he had already overheard his mother speaking concernedly about how often he had been talking to himself recently—but he couldn't bring himself to care right now.

You're right, of course. Do you have any sort of plan for when he does come back?

"I'm working on it," Yuugi replied, although he hadn't thought of anything yet. "We've still got a few days, right?"

Yes, but we don't even know how he'll strike next! I'm sure he won't use the same strategy again! Yuugi thought that if his other self had teeth, they would be gritted right now.

Calm down, Yuugi said, deciding that he probably should stop speaking out loud. We can deal with those problems when they happen. It's not going to help us if you keep worrying about it like this.

I can't just leave us all in danger! the other Yuugi replied, materializing to pace the room. What if it's worse next time? What if—

It'll be alright, Yuugi said, catching his other self's arm and holding him there. We can make it through this. He stood up to pull his other self into a hug. "It'll be alright," he said again, this time whispering it into the other's ear. "We made it through everything else, right? Death-T, and Monster World, and Duelist Kingdom, and the Black Crown, not to mention all the other people who tried to hurt me before them."

Yuugi could feel his other self relax slightly in his arms as he brought one hand up to awkwardly pat the other Yuugi's shoulder. Yeah, but we knew what all those people wanted. Not like this one, who kidnaps Jounouchi and locks us in his ship without even making any demands.

Now that his other self seemed calm enough not to challenge the next person who came near to a Shadow Game or something, Yuugi pushed himself out of the hug. "I'm sure we'll find out soon enough," he said, his voice still low. "Now that our friends are on their guards, it won't be so easy to get to us through them, either."

Just as Yuugi had been able to feel his other self's worry before, he could feel his other self calming down now. He found it calmed him as well. "Wanna help me finish that puzzle I was working on?" Yuugi asked, already reaching for a piece of cardboard and a box that proclaimed "1000 pieces" in large letters on the side. "We can talk while we work, if you want to."

That sounds fine—that piece goes there— Yuugi slotted the piece into the position he indicated, and it did indeed fit perfectly, but I don't want to talk about that Marik person.

What about at the museum today? You seemed pretty interested when that woman called you Pharaoh, Yuugi said, switching back to mental communication. Do you want to go back and find out more?

Not really my first choice of conversational topics, either, the other Yuugi said, though he didn't sound particularly upset, but no, I don't particularly need to hear more about that.

If this has something to do with me, you shouldn't worry. I'll understand if you want to find out about your past. Yuugi was telling the truth—he did understand why his other self would want to learn his past—although that didn't mean he was really happy about it. He had always held some amount of hope that things would stay the same between them forever, even if deep down he knew that was impossible. Not that he would ever tell the other Yuugi that now: he didn't want to let his selfish desires to get in the way of what the other Yuugi wanted.

It's not—that is, I'm not doing this for your sake. I really am not interested in finding out.

Yuugi felt certain that the other Yuugi was not telling him the whole story, but he also felt certain that this was not the correct time to press the issue, so he stayed quiet. Instead, he took the time to slot several more pieces of the puzzle into place.

This one goes there, the other Yuugi said, indicating a piece with a little bit of landscape in one corner. You like puzzles a lot, he added. It was a statement of fact, not a question.

You should be happy, Yuugi told him, smiling fondly. I would have given up on the Millennium Puzzle a long time ago otherwise.

Their conversation took a turn towards more mundane topics then, such as new games they were hoping to play and Yuugi's homework, which he was procrastinating on right now. They continued on in this way until Yuugi decided he really did need to start on his homework and so banished all distractions, including his other self, from the room.

* * *

Yuugi may have allowed the topic of his other self's past to drop during their earlier conversation, but he did not forget about it. And so, when his friends invited him to go with them to the local amusement park over the weekend, he turned them down, claiming he had other things to do. It wasn't a lie, exactly, although he figured that they didn't expect him to be going back to the museum. He felt certain his other self didn't know, either; the other Yuugi thought Yuugi had accepted his dismissive response to the question Yuugi had asked on the subject, and Yuugi had been careful to keep his plans from his other self.

Getting to the museum was not terribly difficult: now that the only thing Yuugi needed to worry about was that the other Yuugi might figure out what he was doing, the trip was actually a fairly fast one. Not that he had to worry much about that; the other Yuugi didn't seem to notice anything until Yuugi was already standing in front of the museum.

Isn't this the Domino Museum? Why are we here again? he asked, sounding more than a little confused.

The key to getting your memories back is in here, right? Yuugi said. I know you were interested when Ishizu was talking to you about them.

Ah, well, it's true that I would like to know about my past, in a perfect world. But I'm afraid if I do that, I'll have to give up something much more important to me. Yuugi was about to protest, knowing that there was something his other self wasn't telling him, but the other Yuugi cut him off before he could start. Anyways, if I'd really just been doing this just to spare your feelings or something, your insistence would have already been enough to convince me otherwise.

If you're sure about it, Yuugi replied, feeling glad that he didn't have to choose between his other self's happiness and staying together. We should do something while we're down here, though. It would be a waste to come all this way just to turn around and go home.

We could go to the arcade, the other Yuugi suggested, or I know there's a game shop around here somewhere.

Why would I need to go to a game shop? Yuugi asked, confused. We already live in one.

The other Yuugi paused for a moment before answering. It's more of a specialty card store, really. I think they might sell those Duel Disks that Kaiba Corporation came out with recently. I know you've been wanting one pretty badly lately.

They do? Awesome! I just hope I can afford it, Yuugi said excitedly. Alright, then. We'll figure out something to do for a while, eat lunch around here, then we'll go check out those Duel Disks. He began walking away from the museum, looking for the arcade his other self had mentioned.

This is beginning to feel a lot like that date you set me up on with Anzu, the other Yuugi noted. Not that it is a date or anything, he added when Yuugi looked surprised.

It's not that, Yuugi replied, feeling a bit amused that the other Yuugi felt the need to deny that he thought it was a date. You just haven't talked about that since it happened. I wasn't expecting you to mention it.

To be honest, there wasn't much to talk about, the other Yuugi said. We ate lunch, wandered around, bought the cards I showed you, and talked a bit, and then I went home. Not very exciting, really.

I guess. I just thought you might have wanted to tell me how it went. Yuuugi reached the arcade and slowed a little. Oh, hey, we're here! Wanna go in? He didn't bother waiting for an answer before entering.

I bet I could get a higher score than you on any of the games in here, his other self replied, his tone making it clear that this was more of a friendly game than a serious challenge.

I think I'll take you up on that, Yuugi said, a grin spreading across his face. Don't underestimate me, though. I'm pretty good at some of these.

* * *

I wasn't really trying at that one, the other Yuugi said, sounding sulky. I could have won if I had tried harder.

You just don't want to admit that I beat you fair and square, Yuugi replied, having to try hard to keep his crowing internal; it wasn't often that Yuugi won against his other self in a game, but this seemed to have become something of a tradition when he did. He hadn't really thought much about how it had started, but he figured that it was something he had picked up from his friends. It wasn't as though his other self couldn't tell he was mostly joking, anyways.

I still say I could do better than you if we played again, his other self said.

Alright, then, we'll do it again, was Yuugi's reply. Best two out of three.

No, that's fine, the other Yuugi said. I don't really think we need to.

Yeah, because I'd just beat you again, Yuugi said, finding it increasingly difficult to pretend to be serious about this. Judging from the other Yuugi's tone of voice, he felt the same. What do you want to do next?

Maybe lunch? the other Yuugi suggested as Yuugi's stomach let out a growl. I'm starting to feel a bit hungry.

I think you're right, Yuugi replied. Let's go for hamburgers.

You really like hamburgers, don't you? the other Yuugi asked, sounding amused.

Hey, hamburgers are delicious, Yuugi said, trying to sound indignant, though the fact that he was fighting back laughter probably gave him away. Anyways, you like them too.

You got me there, the other Yuugi replied, although I'm not sure how fair that is if we share the same taste buds. Do you have a place in mind?

Yuugi shrugged. We'll find somewhere.

As he left the arcade to start his search, Yuugi saw a woman who looked too much like Ishizu for it to be a coincidence hurrying past, heading away from the museum. In one hand she was carrying a basket of something, which Yuugi thought looked like a gift, and in the other she held a paper—maybe a note? Whatever it was, it didn't look to Yuugi as though it went with the basket. Yuugi thought it was an amusing coincidence that he saw her now, but he did not call out to her or alert his other self; after all, the other Yuugi had said he didn't need to talk to her, and Yuugi had no reason to interrupt her when she was doing something that appeared to be important, so he set himself back on the task of finding a place he wanted to eat.

Although Yuugi did not know downtown Domino particularly well, and no hamburger restaurants were immediately visible from where he was standing, it didn't take him long to locate one a few blocks from the arcade. The restaurant was, naturally, also unfamiliar to Yuugi, so he needed to study the menu for a few minutes before ordering what the restaurant called a "Giant Cheese Monster", a name which amused the other Yuugi greatly.

The cashier had told Yuugi that it would take a few minutes for his food to come, so he sat down at a table to wait. I wish you had your own body so we could eat together, he said to the other Yuugi, who had materialized and was currently sitting on the bench next to him.

I can move across the table if that would make you feel better, the other Yuugi offered.

I don't think that's gonna help much, Yuugi said, unable to stop himself from letting out a short burst of laughter. This earned him some odd looks from the other customers, but he didn't really care at the moment. I can still see through you, for one. And you wouldn't have any food either.

The other Yuugi moved to the other side of the table anyways, and Yuugi thought that this probably was a good thing, because it meant he didn't have to turn his head to look at his other self any more. Not that it mattered much: his food came shortly after, and then he was too busy eating to hold a conversation. It was, of course, still possible for them to talk with each other when Yuugi's mouth was full, but Yuugi wasn't used to it, and he wanted to concentrate on his food anyways.

When Yuugi finished eating the other Yuugi began to smile. You ready to get that Duel Disk? he asked.

Definitely, Yuugi said. After a pause, he added, I think you'll have to show me where I'm supposed to go.

They ended up having to go back to the arcade before the other Yuugi could figure out how to get to the card store, but they made it there eventually. Yuugi didn't really mind the delay, though: they had plenty of time, and he was busy talking with his other self about the newest games and the relative merits of playing an RPG with Bakura (Yuugi was of the opinion that it would be fun, but the other Yuugi worried that it might turn out too much like the time they played Monster World).

Well, that is a pretty good point, but I'd say that by now we can usually tell which Bakura it is, Yuugi argued. And the other Bakura did help when I was trying to win the Puzzle back from Otogi, so he might not be all that bad.

Aibou, you can be far too trusting sometimes, the other Yuugi replied. But whatever his next argument was, it went unsaid. There it is! That's where we're going. He pointed to a small storefront that had "Trading Cards" written on the sign in big letters, with "RPG" and "Hobby" on the side.

After taking a few minutes to browse the store's wares, Yuugi went up to the counter to inquire about their Duel Disks. But when the cashier told him the price, he despaired. "What? there's no way I can afford that!"

"Sorry, boy, that's the price; nothing I can do about it."

"I guess I'll just get these, then," Yuugi said, throwing a couple of packs of Duel Monsters cards on the counter, along with the money to pay for them.

"Ugh, those were supposed to be the best—even better than the Battle Boxes we used in Duelist Kingdom. They're probably even better than those prototypes Kaiba brought with him," Yuugi moaned as he left the store, not giving a second glance to the owner, who was reaching for the store's telephone.

I'm sorry, aibou. Don't let this get you too down, the other Yuugi said, hovering worriedly behind Yuugi.

Don't worry, I'm not, Yuugi replied good-humoredly. I'll get my hands on one of those eventually.

Well, I'm glad it didn't ruin your day, the other Yuugi said, moving so that Yuugi could see him. Yuugi noticed that he was smiling.

No way; today has been way too fun to be ruined by something as stupid as that, Yuugi said, smiling back.

More fun than going to the amusement park with your friends? the other Yuugi asked. I know you had to turn them down for this.

Maybe not better than that, but different, Yuugi said after a little thought. Still fun, though. Why, if this was a date, he added with a sly smile, remembering his other self's comment from earlier, and if you were a girl, I'd probably kiss you right about now.

Why do I have to be the girl in this scenario? his other self complained.

Well, I'm not a girl, and it would be weird for me to kiss another guy, so... Yuugi said.

I'm not a girl, either, you know the other Yuugi said. Then, after a pause, he added, Wait, are you saying you would kiss me if you were into guys?

Well, I can't really—hey! Stop teasing me! Yuugi said, indignant.

The other Yuugi's reply was just a chuckle, which proved to be infectious. Yuugi was so busy laughing with his other self, he bumped right into another shopper, causing the man to spill his bags all over the street.

"Oh crap! I'm so sorry!" Yuugi meant his apology; he felt awful. "I should have been paying more attention to where I was going. If there's anything I can do to help you..."

But the man Yuugi had bumped into was already picking up the things he had dropped and shoving them back into his bags. Yuugi tried his best to help by getting some of the things that had rolled farther away, but the man seemed to have it under control, so Yuugi took the opportunity to get a better look at him. He was dark-skinned with odd, sand-colored hair; Yuugi thought he must have been a foreigner.

"Would you mind holding this for a moment?" the man asked once he had gotten everything back into his bags, thrusting a gold-colored rod which he had been holding the whole time into Yuugi's arms before Yuugi could reply and beginning to hoist his bags onto his shoulders.

The rod was heavy, enough that Yuugi thought it might actually be made of gold. He was surprised; it seemed much too valuable to be handing to a complete stranger. He looked down at it, but was only able to get a glance at the eye-shaped design on the end before its owner snatched it back and thanked him for his help.

That was odd, Yuugi remarked to his other self as the man walked away. I'm pretty sure that rod he handed me was made of real gold.

That is pretty weird, but I doubt there's much harm he could do just by making you hold that thing for a couple seconds. Nothing bad seems to have happened so far, anyways. We can keep an eye out for him if that makes you feel better, though, the other Yuugi said, sounding a little worried nonetheless.

Yeah, it's probably nothing, Yuugi agreed (after all, his other self had been the one panicking over the situation earlier). I'm just feeling a little nervous after what happened with Jounouchi.

Can't say I blame you for that, said the other Yuugi, but I can't imagine any danger he could have put you in with something like that. Should we go home now?

Yeah, alright, Yuugi said. I don't think there's anything else we need to do around here. He started walking again, heading toward the stop for the bus that would take him home. But as he walked, a new plan came into his head, as suddenly and certainly as if someone had told him what to do, and he began to turn his feet towards the train tracks.

Yuugi was going to kill himself.


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