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Title: The Death of the Vulture-Dragons
Rating: PG for death and angst
Summary: The last vulture-dragon mourns the death of her people
Author's note: A rather old short story I found recently.

Vulture-dragons were huge creatures, about the size of a small elephant. As their name implied, they were a type of dragon, with scaly skin and huge, bat-like wings; however, they could not breathe fire, and had only two legs. The other part of their name came from the way the creatures' shape and stance reminded people of vultures. They even ate carrion, and they certainly smelled like it. Vulture-dragons terrified any human or animal which saw them, and were therefore hunted by any brave enough to go after them.

One day, a young vulture-dragon, named Nyra, left the home of her people to search for some treasure she had hidden many years ago. She had become worried that it would be stolen by a human, so she decided that she needed to retrieve it as soon as possible.

While she flew over the green fields, Nyra reflected on how humans thought of vulture-dragons. She remembered how there was always someone trying to kill one of them. But the vulture-dragons didn't deserve this. All they ever did was look frightening, and fight back if they were threatened. This was hardly a reason to be attacked, but humans still engaged in battles with the creatures.

This train of thought took Nyra to the place where she had stashed her treasure. With the sack heavy in her claws, the young vulture-dragon began the journey home. She took a rather roundabout course, flying over the peaks and valleys of the mountains which were her home, enjoying the scenery. Her longer rout made it impossible to return home during the same day, so she stayed the night at a cave which was on her course. Nyra then proceeded to fly the rest of the way home.

When she saw the cave home of the vulture-dragons, she was horrified. It was destroyed. She could tell that no other living creature was within miles. The bodies of dead vulture-dragons were scattered about, covered with dried blood. Nyra did not know what creature could have done this.

Nyra took off, leaving the ruined city and her dead friends, and shrieked her grief into the cold dusk. She flew far, searching for any other vulture-dragon that might still be left alive. She knew that she would not find any, but continued searching anyways, hoping against hope that she could find another of her kind.


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